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Dangriga man badly beaten, family look for answers

Harry Arzu reporting…

“42 year old Leon Castillo was brutally beaten in front of a bar here in Dangriga last week Saturday morning and was left in an unconscious state. He was transported to the Southern Regional Hospital and later to the KHMH where he is currently hospitalized. Love News spoke to his mother and sister.

Mother of victim

“Somebody beat him according to what I heard buy nobody wants to say who. I went up to Monday I went to the neighborhood and around the area and because a young lady was telling me that she saw the person but she didn’t make out his face when they were kicking. They were kicking him and she said they were calling the police but by the time they came the young man that kicked him up was already gone.”

Harry Arzu – Love News

Do you know why somebody would want to beat up your son?

Mother of victim

“Well he was drunk so I don’t know what.

Sister of victim

“The police took him to the hospital but they didn’t even inform us that my brother was at the hospital or anything and then up to this moment if we didn’t got to the station on Monday they still would not have come to tell us anything because they still have not said anything, they have no report and that is so sad that the police can pick up someone, take them to the hospital next to dying and they don’t inform the family and they don’t say anything. He was on life support for three days and we knew nothing. When we went to the station on Monday they had no report and up to this time we are still not getting anything much from the officers. At this time he is getting there, he is beginning to talk but he is still not fully recovered, his throat was still swollen up to Wednesday.”