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Dangriga Man Fatally Shot In Broad Daylight

Gunshots rang out just before ten o’clock this morning in Dangriga Town. 
Kenrick Drysdale, Deceased

Gunshots rang out just before ten o’clock this morning in Dangriga Town.  It was only yesterday that the Police Commissioner Chester Williams concluded his tour in that municipality seeking ways to address the rampant gun violence.  Stann Creek Correspondent Harry Arzu has the story.

Resident: “All of a sudden this young boy came form nowhere but since I’m with my boy so it looks like he waited until I had gone to the back near the vehicle where he washes his vehicles that is where he got the next two shots. He already got two shots on the street already but they missed me and so they caught him and he went and he went behind his vehicle because he didn’t know what was going on. At the same time the guy just came and bam,bam,bam, bam. I went left him and when I left him I went to the Chinese shop there and bought cigarettes and then when I went back there the man was on the ground leaning, he wasn’t dead then it was us that put him in the vehicle. Me and his brother put him in the vehicle and from there we walked and went home.”

Harry Arzu, Stann Creek Correspondent: So about how many shots did you hear ?

Resident:“Four shots. I don’t like it man because we were there together working and the man sent me to his house to go work where he is stationed and I’m thinking hard if I want to go work there now.”

Love News understands that Police retrieved four expended shells from the crime scene.  A post mortem examination on 30-year-old Kenrick Drysdale remains pending.