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Dangriga man marks 66th murder for 2019

Dangriga residents were startled at midday today when gunshots rang out in the parking lot of the Southern Regional Hospital.  Those shots rendered 45-year-old, Edwin Felix Nasario, dead despite being so close to the hospital.  Reporter, Courtney Menzies has the story.

Courtney Menzies: “We are currently in the 7th month of 2019 and there have already been sixty-six murders with the most recent one happening earlier today in Dangriga. As we reported earlier this week majority of murders happened right here in the old Capital while Orange Walk proved to be the least violent district. When we aired our report on July 8th Orange Walk had only seen one murder but the day after however the body of 24-year-old Yanira Novelo was found in a cane field near the San Lorenzo Housing Site in Orange Walk Town with injuries to her neck and chest area. So far fifty-six of the victims have been males while seven have been females. The youngest victim was eighteen year old Joan Gabriel while the oldest was seventy four-year-old Elizabeth Rousseau. Just last night another eighteen year old survived being shot on Holy Emmanuel Street right here in Belize City. We will have more on Rahiem Chambers shooting later in this newscast. Today’s murder victim was forty-five year old Edwin Francis Nasario. Reports reaching our newsroom said that Nasario was inside his green Ford Escape in the parking lot of the Southern Regional Hospital when two men on a motorcycle rode up beside him and opened fire. In a video we received from our Dangriga Correspondent Harry Arzu, Nasario is seen being carried on a stretcher from the parking lot into the hospital while his sister’s voice can be heard shrieking in agony in the background, despite being so close to hospital however Nasario succumbed to his injuries. Police have yet to release an official report but we will continue to monitor this case. Reporting for Love News I am Courtney Menzies.”

Love News understands that two men on a motorcycle, both wearing helmets, were the shooters.  Speculations have since begun that Nasario’s murder may be connected with his recent sudden wealth as he had lately acquired a Mennonite’s house and three cars.//////////