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Dangriga Mayor Gives Up on Council’s Three Months Accomplishments

Retired police officer Robert Mariano recently completed his one hundred days in office as the Mayor of Dangriga. He ran under the blue banner and produced a manifesto in which he made several pledges. After Mariano’s PUP slate won the election, the manifesto was transformed into an action plan which Mariano says will be used to achieve several goals before the next municipal elections. According to Mariano, out of the thirty-five pledges, twenty have been achieved in three months.

Robert Mariano, Mayor, Dangriga Town: “We have commenced dealing with infrastructure and we have through the collaboration with the area representative of Dangriga. We’ve also partnered with the Ministry of Infrastructure Development and Housing and they are assisting us a lot and so we are able to make our achievements. Since we took over I could tell you that we have paved at least four streets already. We have Oak and Pollack Street and we’re also paving as we speak Havana Street and Aranada Crescent. We have campaigned that we’ll be doing three to four streets per year and we have achieved that part of the achievement already in three months. We also have raised the amount of people that are doing rotation, when we took office there was only three and now we have fifteen persons doing rotation. I could also report that when it comes to employment we have also employed twelve persons so far at the council. We have not retrenched anybody and we still have all the people who we found here working along with us and twelve more. We have thirty five pledges and from that thirty five pledges we have already achieved twenty of those thirty five pledges and that includes infrastructure development, entrepreneurship, education youth and sports, environment, health and sanitation, women and senior citizens, economic opportunities, crime prevention and culture.”

Mariano went on to list out several other projects his council is working to achieve before the end of his term.

Robert Mariano, Mayor, Dangriga Town: “We also have the continuation of a southside market that had started before we need to conclude that market. However, because we’re in an office for only three months of course we cannot do all the achievement in this short time but what I can say is that that south side market will conclude very soon. Then the other one is the Mayor’s Cup that is for both football and basketball. Again due to the COVID people are not allowed to gather together and so we’re waiting for the pass of the COVID. As soon as the COVID is gone we will start the Mayor’s Cup. And then we also have about establishing a health booth in the Benguche area. We haven’t reached that as yet due to financial constraints but we will ensure that that will be achieved. We also have an area of the boundaries because Dangriga boundaries we want that to be extended to the Commerce Bight and the Three Miles on the Stann Creek Valley road and the Belinda Road however I’m fortunate to be part of the Mayor’s Association Committee that looks after the boundary extensions for the different municipalities so we are working on that but I still have it as not achieved as yet until it is official. Then we also want to do some work at the river bank and the beach. We are working on the beach already, however the river bank we have not concluded or we have not started on that as yet because we do not have much problem on the river bank. The last one is exploring fishing opportunities and agriculture but then we have achieved the part for agriculture but the one for fishing we have not achieved that as yet but those things like I mentioned will be achieved. We still have almost two years and nine months to achieve those things but what I can say is that everything will be achieved before the end of the three years.”

Mariano defeated the UDP’s Francis *Humphries and his slate.