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Dangriga Mayoral Candidate Speaks on His Endeavors

The People’s United Party will be holding its Mayoral convention in Dangriga Town, Stann Creek District on Sunday.

The People’s United Party will be holding its Mayoral convention in Dangriga Town, Stann Creek District on Sunday. There are two candidates namely; Robert Mariano and Derrick Velasquez vying for the seat. Love News met up with Mariano where he expressed his interest in several infrastructural and social projects to uplift the municipality.

Robert Mariano, Mayor Aspirant, Dangriga

Robert Mariano, Mayor Aspirant, Dangriga: “Dangriga has been neglected over the past six years. As you can see the streets of Dangriga, the condition. Dangriga is very bushy, the streets are in bad shape. Dangriga is very dirty. Dirt has not been picked up. I want to aid in the creation of jobs in Dangriga. There are a lot of people who need jobs in Dangriga. We also need to look at making Dangriga a tourist destination because we have what all other tourist destinations have here in Dangriga. We have the sea, we have the sand and we have the sun. We also have culture here in Dangriga that tourists would want to come here and see. The other thing would be improving the infrastructure of Dangriga because Dangriga infrastructure is very bad. Little rain and you see huge potholes on the street, little rains and you see floods. There is no drainage at all to cause the water to run off into the river and then into the sea and so there are a lot of people who are living underwater even now. Their houses are over water and that happen because there is no drainage at all.”

Harry Arzu, Love FM: In which area?

Robert Mariano, Mayor Aspirant, Dangriga:  We have the Wagierale area, we have part of Rivas Estate, we have Lakeland, we have New Site. Majority of Dangriga at this time is under water. We need to have proper upkeep of sanitation of this town. Right now, I can show you photographs of Dangriga where there are a lot of dirt on the street side. It’s alarming to see the amount of dirt there is on the street in Dangriga.  Working with the at-risk youths in Dangriga is important for me. There are a lot of at-risk youths and one of the things for me is to see how we can get the at-risk youths being involved. We need to get them involved in going back to school. Of course, we cannot force anyone to go back to school but if we can assist in getting them going back to school or to learn a trade, there are several trades.”

The councilors candidates are Jerris Valentine, Liberato Teul, John Flores, Gilroy Flores, Martha Robinson, and Austin Petillo.