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Dangriga Police's Quick Response May Have Deterred a Robbery

A teenager who was shot last night in Dangriga is expected to be charged with attempted murder and firearm offences.  Correspondent Harry Arzu has more on the story.


“Residents of this municipality were alarmed by the loud sounds of gunshots that were heard clearly in the ‘Bak-A-Town’ Area at about 7:45pm last night. Police here say that the Dangriga Quick Response Team was on patrol in that area when their attention was drawn to two male persons who were heading towards Saint Vincent Street. According to police one was wearing a black jacket with a hood over his head. Police reported that while they were approaching the two male persons they suddenly ran off. A hot pursuit ensued and according to police, in the process, one of the individuals pulled out a handgun and began to fire at the officers who took cover and then responded hitting the gunman in the lower left leg. As mentioned the loud sound of firearm exchange drew the attention of residents who gathered on the corner of Yemeri Road where the gunman was lying suffering from a single gunshot wound sustained from a police weapon. The injured person was later identified as a 17-year-old minor. He was later taken to the Southern Regional Hospital for treatment and is now in custody. Police also reported that where the minor was lying on the side of the street they discovered a ski mask and a .22 revolver hand gun. Police say that the minor could have been killed last night but they were very tactful in apprehending him while the other made good his escape. However police say that they know who the other individual is. They say they prevented what could have been a robbery. In this month alone two business establishments were robbed at gunpoint; moreover police acted quickly to these incidents, apprehended those individuals involved and must be commended for trying their best to protect and serve the people.”