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Dangriga Polyclinic employees apparently stages sickout

Usually when you’re sick you go to the hospital but the hospital is exactly where a group of disgruntled employees avoided going today. Some employees of the Dangriga Polyclinic staged a sickout and our correspondent from the culture capital, Harry Arzu reported on some of the concerns that led to the employees taking that step.

Harry Arzu: “The tension is high between the employees and the administrator here at the Dangriga Polyclinic. There are a little over 40 employees at the Medical facility including two Satellite centers many of whom say that they are tired and frustrated with the hostile working environment that they continue to face on a daily basis and the bad treatment that they say they observed patients from far and near enduring for example long waiting hours to get medical assistance, lack of medication and no ramp at the emergency area to move patients around just to name a few. The disgruntled employees some of whom are on a stick out today claim that they have registered their complaints already to the relevant authorities but they fell on deaf ears and have no choice but to bring their concerns to the public; the unhappy and frustrated workers also told Love News that they are suffering from low moral and bitterly complained that they are being treated  unfairly and claimed that they are not sure of their employment status since many of them are no longer on contract. They also commented on a bonus that they recently received for their hard work but claimed that they were short changed. Additionally some of the other pressing issues that were pointed out strongly are poor working conditions and safety, lack of financial accountability and transparency, shortages of medication, favoritism, lack of proper communication between employees and administration, lack of hospital attendance, nurses and doctors among other issues that many here are afraid to speak about for fear of victimization hence is the reason many here are suffering in silence. Love news visited the administrator at the faculty who agreed that there is shortage of staff and referred us to the Ministry of Health on the other issues. There was no one at the administration and the reception desk earlier this morning..”