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Dara Robinson to hold fundraising event for feeding program

Joel Dara Robinson has been making a difference in the lives of hundreds of children over the last ten years. Dara has been conducting a feeding program for school children based at his home. One of the main annual events Dara holds to keep the program going is the annual Bob Marley tribute and food drive. On Sunday the fifteenth such event will take place. We spoke with Robinson.

Joel ‘Dara” Robinson – Community activist

“It’s a feeding program and is now in its 10th year and we feed kids in need, an afternoon lunch. We cater for 40 kids and we always get over 40 because I have a budget for that. On Sunday the 5th we are doing our 15th annual Bob Marley Tribute and food drive and it will be held at the Pickwick compound from 4pm until. How I do it is that we normally ask people, we are charging a fee of $10 so that when they come along they can bring food stuff and things at the event. Normally we ask people if they can bring canned food but this time we are open to rice, flour, beans whatever we will have a barrel for that that even if they bring frozen meat we will have an icebox set up for it. We have some well known DJs that will provide music. We always show the Super Bowl for those that want to watch it and want to come out and still support the event.”