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Darnell Talbert charged for Drug Trafficking

Nineteen year old Darnell Talbert, a construction worker of King Street, was charged with drug trafficking and possession of a controlled drug when he appeared before Magistrate Aretha Ford yesterday. Talbert pled not guilty to drug trafficking for sixty one point one grams of cannabis but guilty to possession of forty one grams of cannabis. He was fined six hundred dollars for possession and he was given until November 12 to pay. If he defaults on payment he will serve six months. For drug trafficking Talbert was released on a bail of one thousand dollars and his case was adjourned until November 28. The bust occurred on September 10. The police reported that they smelled the strong aroma of cannabis coming from Talbert who was at San Pedro Water Taxi Terminal on North Front Street. They said a knapsack and a bag were beside Talbert and Talbert told them the bags were his. Police said the bag contained sixty one point one grams while the knapsack had forty one grams. Talbert was also charged with using obscene language, an offence he allegedly committed on March 4 and for which he was given police bail but he had failed to appear in court. He pled not guilty to that charge and he was offered a bail of two hundred dollars and his case was adjourned until October 24.