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Darrell Bradley delivers his last speech as Belize City Mayor

Today Darrell Bradley gave his last speech as the Mayor of Belize City. Bradley says that according to the law, the council must dissolve at the last day of February so this evening he passed on the council’s responsibilities to City Administrator Candice Burke.

Darrell Bradley, Outgoing Mayor, Belize City

“Many people have said ‘Mayor you did a good job.’  but I am so grateful on this my final day to say with confidence that it was truly a team effort- that every single councilor pulled their weight, that every single councilor performed their duty and did a superb job to bring credit to this administration. If I were to call out each individual councilor and to signal and recognize what they have done we would be here all month. Many of the members of the public may not know the challenges that we face at City Hall but Candice knows it on a day to day basis. Many times I myself may not face those challenges because I am often times in and out but the City Administrator has been there and has been an impeccable leader and a steward of this council. The only thing that I will regret in leaving this office is that I would not have the opportunity to deepen our relationship, to know more of our staff, to work with you more and I think that is the greatest thing of serving in this office, not the pomp or circumstance not the hype or prestige but the people and the relationships that you get to form and for that I will be eternally grateful.”

For the last municipal elections, Bradley managed to obtain close to twelve thousand votes, almost half more than his then political rival Yolanda Schakron.