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Darrell Bradley to Seek Re-Election in 2018

Political aspirants both within and outside the two major political parties are gearing up for the upcoming municipal elections slated for early March.  One politician that has always shied away from giving direct responses regarding his political plans is Belize City Mayor, Darrell Bradley.  A few days ago, however, he confirmed that he will be seeking re-election come March 7, 2018.


“I want to run for Mayor again, that remains my position. I will say though that from a certain standpoint it is challenging to be in municipal government because you do get frustrated because of the lack of resources, you get frustrated because of the personalities that you have to deal with on a daily basis. I do believe that the municipality has worked well, not withstanding our personality differences, notwithstanding that we clash; we are human beings, you fight regularly and I think in terms of City Hall I would say it’s like a bad marriage. In relation to people with different motivations, people with different levels of vision, people with different background and so forth but you agree to say, you  know what because of the children, because of the community and so forth we will make this thing work and that is what I will liken this thing to. You take the good with the bad.”


“So then you would like an infusion of new councillors?”


“I wouldn’t say that. Notwithstanding all the problems, all the quarrels, all the confusion and so forth the City Council I believe is moving in the correct direction.”

The 37-year-old Mayor has been running City Hall since March 2012.