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Darrell Usher faces 20 charges for running over his common-law wife and four others

Police have levied up to twenty charges against Darrell Alexander Usher for running over his common-law wife and four other persons including two minors. The 32-year-old was arrested and charged today with five counts attempted murder, five counts of use deadly mean of harm, five counts of aggravated assault, two counts of grievous harm, two counts of harm and one count of wounding. He was arraigned before the court and was remanded until the February 15th, 2019. Police say that Usher was involved in an argument with his companion 37-year-old Jessica Sagastume on Tuesday morning. Sagastume then decided to leave their house and along with four others, headed to her parents’ home in the Maya Mopan area in Belmopan. Usher reportedly followed them and ran them over with his vehicle. Sagastume, 37-year-old Blanca Choc, 18-year-old Javier Choc, a fourteen year old boy and an eleven year old girl sustained varying degrees of injuries. They are now in stable condition.