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Date set for close of sugar cane crop season

After 24 weeks, the 2015 sugar cane harvest season will come to a close on July 7, milling a little less than the target quantity projected at the beginning of the season.  The decision was not easy to make says Sugar Industry Control Board chairman Gabriel Martinez, but the main stakeholders are aware that it is for the best of the industry.

Gabriel Martinez, Chairman, Sugar Industry Control Board

The associations indeed had justifications for wanting a little bit more time and the factory also had their positions because they have to meet some deadlines particularly maintenance of the factory so I was glad to see that discussion going on in a very professional and cordial manner and at the end of the day it was agreed by the parties that the crop finishes on July 7th at 6 p.m.

Arturo Cantun, Love FM News

“Farmers are saying that a lot of cane close to 20% of what was projected is still in the field waiting to be harvested.

 Gabriel Martinez, Chairman, Sugar Industry Control Board

“Well as I mentioned it was very thorough discussion that happened yesterday. I must say that sentiment that you are calling was indeed the pressing issue the amount of cane, the availability of cane that is out there and the fact that we still have some farmers who need to deliver some cane. However looking at all the conditions and the possibility of deterioration in the conditions of the weather it could affect the quality of the cane but I have to say that that was an issue that was pressed on my the associations but at the end of the day I guess sober minded conclusions and decisions were taken which meets the deadline that BSI wanted to finish with the time that the farmers wanted half way. So both BSI and the farmers were very reasonable and flexible to come up with that idea.”

Discontent was brewing among cane farmers in mid-May when the Sugar Cane Production Committee proposed a restricting of cane quotas among associations and reaping groups.  Martinez says the proposal made was to address the issue of excess cane staying in the fields, but that now is in the past and both SICB and SIRDI will meet during the off season to review the quotas issue.

Gabriel Martinez, Chairman, Sugar Industry Control Board

Well that issue has been put to rest. The sugar industry control board will meet next week Wednesday to get a status report from SIRDI on the SIMIS program which they are actually going to the fields, using technology, GPS and other readings that are necessary and they are going to provide the SICB with a status report I guess the associations and BSI have accepted the concept that the SIMIS report will be used in the event that we have to do other adjustments as it relates to quota, allocation within the different associations so we are looking forward to that status report and I think from there we would move on and as I say if any adjustments need to be made it would be on that SIMIS report.”

As we reported yesterday, Martinez confirmed that two records were broken last week Saturday for the sugar industry.  One of those records broken was the amount of sugar produced and the other was the lowest TCTS recorded in sugar production history.

Gabriel Martinez, Chairman, Sugar Industry Control Board

Indeed what you said is true historic the amount of cane milled with the amount of sugar extracted I guess that in trying to put a fair analysis and fair declaration to this issue which is welcomed news and the celebration of the industry I have to say that we have to big up our cane farmers for being responsible in their harvest and their delivery and I also have to indicate that factory efficiency was a very important element in the equation to meet this historic achievement in the sugar industry.”

Up until six o’clock yesterday morning a total of one million fifty six thousand five hundred and forty four tons of cane have been ground and one hundred and twenty eight thousand two hundred and fifteen tons of sugar produced.  The cumulative TCTS is at eight point sixteen.