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David “Dido” Vega crushes opponents in PUP Convention

On Sunday the People’s United Party held a convention to elect its Standard Bearer for the Corozal Bay Division. Five persons namely, Thea Garcia-Ramirez, Freddy Alex Ewens, Shamir Alpuche, Edwardo ‘Dado’ Torres, and David ‘Dido’ Vega contested the convention. When polls closed at 5 o’clock and the counting began, it became clear that Vega was the winner. Hipolito Novelo reports.

It was an overwhelming victory for David ‘Dido” Vega on Sunday. He received 1079 votes. He bested four other candidates and his strongest opponent was Thea Garcia-Ramirez and she only received 407 votes.

David ‘Dido’ Vega, Standard Bearer: “Getting into politics is not an easy task, it could be a life changing moment in your life. Ms.Thea Garcia- Ramirez, Alex Ewens, Shamir Alpuche and Mr.Duario Torres I need to take my hat off to them because they decided to get into a campaign which we know can be emotionally stressful, take a toll financially and also just drain you out. It’s not about the numbers, at the end of the day a win is a win. My thing is this, Pablo Marin is the one that has caused our Bay to get to a level where our people are in need nad that is the driving force behind this win here, so the numbers don’t really matter. The idea is that we won, we unit and we come together so that we can defeat the policies, the things that the UDP has done for Corozal.”

And for Vega to successful go against the current Area Representative, Pablo Marin, his team in Corozal Bay has to be united, and the wounds of a crushing defeat on his PUP colleagues may take some time to heal.

David ‘Dido’ Vega, Standard Bearer Corozal Bay PUP: “What happens today is that we come together, we look at he numbers we see where we can improve, we reach out to the other candidates. At the end of the day the People’s United Party is one party and once the blue machine is ready I can tell you there is no party in this country that can defeat us. So the first thing after this is reaching out to the other candidates, coming together, putting a solid team in Corozal Bay and making the party leader John Briceno the next Prime Minister of Belize.”

PUP Chairman Henry Charles Usher was present during the convention, overseeing that it unfolded impartially and without prejudice.

Henry Charles Usher, Chairman, PUP: “The people have spoken overwhelmingly and we have now seen a democratic and exciting process here in the party and the election of David Vega as our candidate there in Corozal Bay. It is a clear mandate from the people that they wanted David to be their candidate and of course we are happy that the people were able to exercise their democratic right to support their candidate in Corozal Bay. “

Reporter: Five candidates for this division, the PUP must be really confident in this area.”

Henry Charles Usher, Chairman, PUP: “Well now we have to make sure that the other four come together and support our candidate and I am confident that that will happen. It is exciting to see so many people wanting to run on the party’s ticket. It’s an exciting time for the People’s United Party and it bodes well for us going into the next general election.”

Reporter: Does this turnout today send a message to Mr.Marin?

Henry Charles Usher, Chairman, PUP: “Well of course, any turnout of this size would send a message to the opposition or whoever runs for the UDP here in Corozal Bay. They know they have a formidable opponent here in David Vega and they know that the party machinery is well oiled and ready to deliver a victory here in the Bay.”

On Sunday, Michel Chebat will be endorsed as the party’s Standard Bearer for Cayo North.