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David Doehm found dead in hotel room

American National David Doehm was found dead in room 523 at the Princess Hotel and Casino this afternoon. We understand that the discovery was made sometime after one o’clock. Investigators and scene of crimes technicians were at the scene collecting all necessary evidence. According to Police, Doehm was found with a plastic bag over his head.  He had a tube that led from a small Nitrogen tank to the inside of the plastic bag. Police say he left a note. Doehm checked in alone yesterday at the Princess Hotel. David Doehm was jointly charged with his wife, Anke, with “Cruelty to a Child”. The charge stems from the death of Anke’s 13 year old adopted daughter, Faye Lin Cannon, who was discovered dead at the family condo in San Pedro Town on Monday July 3. A post mortem examination revealed that she had been sexually and physical abused. After it was discovered that Cannon died while in the care of the Doehms, they seemingly were not welcome anywhere. Also, the Department of Human Services removed the Doehm’s three other adoptive daughters from their care.