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David “Frisco” Castillo Found Dead After being Reported Missing

Tonight, the family of thirty-two year old David “Frisco” Castillo is a step closer to finding out what happened to their loved one. Last week, Castillo’s family had reported him missing and on Sunday morning his body was found in a decomposed state near mile three on the George Price Highway. Castillo was last seen on August 12, before he had left his home in Belize City to purchase food. According to police Castillo had received a call while waiting for his order and they believe he was lured to his death. Today, one of his older brothers who requested to not share his name spoke to Love News about Castillo’s death.

“Frisco just sits in the corner there talks whenever anybody comes around he has people laughing that’s it, that’s Frisco. Frisco doesn’t mess with people, he’s literally the class clown that’s it. Frisco was just a loving brother. Frisco had five kids and the day the man went missing the Thursday the Sunday was his daughter’s birthday, his baby.”

Reporter: And in terms of being a father, what type of father was he ? 

“Frisco was always there for his children. He made sure – and that is one of the last things when he left he told his mom he was going to buy food right there two houses down and he said he can’t miss his baby’s birthday so he said he would go to Ladyville to pick up his baby. Right now we’re glad and we just say thank God we got closure and that’s all we’re happy for, that we got closure. We’re sad that he’s dead and gone but we’re happy for closure. That’s it.”

Reporter:  And forgive me but do you have any idea why anybody would want to hurt your brother ?

“That’s the question that lingers, that everybody wants to answer. Why would they want to hurt Frisco ? Literally the man went to buy food and they called the man to his death. But God is not sleeping.”

According to Assistant Superintendent of Police Fitzroy Yearwood, police are currently seeking one suspect in relation to Castillo’s death.///