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David’s suicide note

Yesterday, 59 year old American National David Doehm killed himself in room 523 at the Ramada Belize City Princess Hotel and Casino. He carefully plotted his death as he tied a plastic bag over his head and had funnelled Nitrogen gas into the bag through a rubber tube. Police say that they a found a hand written note next to his body. A page of Doehm’s note has surface and out sources say that it is authentic. We are told that the note is several pages long. In one of the pages, Doehm writes quote, “I am here to end my own life, by my own hand and without the assistance or knowledge of anyone else. The method I chose, oxygen replacement by nitrogen gas, appeals to me in large part due to its being innocuous. Nitrogen is the major component gas in our atmosphere, but in the absence of oxygen it asphyxiates the inhaler without the trauma of CO2 build-up. And the lack of mess appeals to me hence I shy away from imposing the consequences of my action on the people who have to deal with a suicide and the clean-up.” End of quote. The note continues quote, “I find my situation odd. How am I in a casino? Having zero interest in going and gambling. But it reminds me of the Arthur Koestler Suicide Not which remarked that “Suicide is to gamble the system of which is known to the gambler only in the event of failure….. In my case, the Damocles’ sword above my head is not a mind destroying disease, but a witch hunt conducted by the government of Belize.” End of quote. David and his wife Anke had been charged for causing the death of Anke’s 13 year old adoptive daughter, Faye Lin Cannon. While Anke was at court yesterday battling for the custody of her three remaining step daughters, David was in the room committing suicide. Faye Lin Cannon, who was discovered dead at the family condo in San Pedro Town on Monday July 3, had been sexually and physically abused. San Pedro residents blamed the Doehms for her death.