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Day Four into Strike Action by Teachers

The Belize National Teacher’s Union Belize City Branch held a meeting today to finalize plans for tomorrow’s demonstration. President of the Union’s Belize District Branch Kathleen Flowers that every branch will be having its own style of demonstrating; as for Belize City, she spoke of their plans.


“Tomorrow is a national demonstration day except that we have designed it such that each branch will be doing its own demonstration in their local district. What that demonstration is intended to achieve is that we are going to be inviting the public out. Tomorrow is public solidarity support day because we are inviting all persons who are in solidarity with the BNTU and its  stand up for Belize campaign, it’s eight point agenda and it’s good governance agenda and it’s decision to stand up in relation to our salary deferral. All persons across this country not just in the Belize district who agree that this is a cause worth supporting, we are inviting to join us in that demonstration. It has to be a matter of people believing enough in our cause to join us as an effort to point out that our cause is just enough. So tomorrow’s rally countrywide we are getting reports from our branch districts that our public campaign today was excellent, it’s overwhelming that the public is saying we are with you and we support the teachers in their cause. Tomorrow will be a tangible exhibition and demonstration of this support.”

Flowers also spoke on the support that they have been receiving from the public and other unions specifically the Christian Workers Union which has expressed solidarity with the BTNU and the Public Service Union which tabled and passed a motion to express solidarity with the teachers union.


“PSU is as much a part of the community as we are, we are brother and sister unions and to open our arms and welcome them to come aboard so if they are in that solidarity mode it’s just another level we are looking for. The Christian Workers Union not if we know that they have sent out that call it’s up to the individual member now to make the decision to determine whether this is a solid enough effort to join in. So it’s a matter of waiting and seeing again just as we are waiting to see how much of the public that said to us we are on board with you we will demonstrate in a very tangible way tomorrow how much they are on board with us.”