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DC Sugar production can help minimize impact of lowering global sugar prices

BSI has begun production of Direct Consumption Sugar at the start of the 2017/2018 sugar crop. Production continues and as stated by Avilez, its production is seen by the company as the way to go under the current strains being faced by the industry. Given the lowering global market prices, which does impact the payments to farmers, we asked Avilez whether the production of DC Sugars will help cushion the impact on payments.

Olivia Avilez, Cane Farmers Relations Officer: “Most certainly we are looking at direct consumption sugar production. Demerara sugar production as a priority for every thousand tons of Demerara that we produce we are able to improve the cane price by 25 cents so that’s a figure for this year it’s not for every year but based on the prices that we have so far for every one thousand tons of Demerara that we produce above the twelve thousand that we have reported we can improve it by 25 cents so everybody is monitoring what Demerara will look like but again Demerara it is produced a little slower and with better quality so it requires more time therefore sometimes milling rate decreases if we are able to manage the part of the investment that was projected for the 18 months in this year then we are able to do a little bit more.”