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DCP. Chester Williams speak on methods used while carrying out the lock down

As the controversy continues on whether men have had their constitutional rights abused, the method in which they were arrested is also being questioned. Instead of the men being weeded out before being arrested, as a result of their gang affiliations or criminal actions, it wasn’t until they were in police custody after approximately a week that few were released. Deputy Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams explained how this was possible.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Chester Williams: If it were a Gill net  all 110 of them would have gone to prison .We have said from last week that what will be sieving through the list and those persons that we find not to be involved in gang will be released and even some who we know are involved in gang activities but because they are going to school we will try to compromise with them because at the end of the day we want them to continue their education and we have done that. There are few who we know are involved but they are in school and we are are affording them the opportunity to continue their education but we also say to them you can’t be a student and a gang banger at the same time. It is now the time for them to decide if they want to continue to ba student or they want to be a gang banger. If they want to continue the gang bang life then they will find themselves at prison among the others. We picked up a specific amount of persons because those were the ones that we wanted but at the end of the day there are some who are gang members and are actively involved in gang activity and there are some who are gang members who have been dormant for some time. Those who have been dormant we don’t want to drag them into what is we are doing. We leave them alone to let them continue to live their life and try to continue down that peaceful path. We don’t want to bring them back into the arena so they were allowed to go. “