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DCP. Chester Williams voices his thoughts on the state of emergency within the South Side of the City

Despite the various voices about constitutional rights from the Bar Association of Belize, the Human Rights Commission and attorneys on behalf of their clients about the State of Emergency, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams is still not deterred. He stands firm with the decision which was made and believes it to be the best way to have handled the state of violence in the country.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Chester Williams: “Well I do believe that yes it was the right decision to make. Mike you and I am sure all of you would agree and the public on a whole that we have been trying a lot, we have bared patience with these different groups. I in particular I took time late at night doing intervention mediation with them and trying to see how we can get them to understand that the way of life that they are living instilling fear and terror in the lives of ordinary Belizean’s. Majority of our good citizens live in prison in their own homes because of fear of being on the streets or fear of these individuals. It is about time we let them know that the way of life that they are living and the fear that they instilled in our law abiding citizens must come to and end. There must come a cut off point and I believe we reached that point and the decision to have done this I think it is the right one and we will continue to monitor how it goes from here. We are not going to say that this action will stop crime all together. As I have always said crime will always occur but I can assure you that it will surely minimize the occurrences of crime. Just yesterday I was told that there are still some groups out there who are extorting business people. These things need to come to an end. We can’t continue to have the criminals believe that they can hold us hostage in our country or in our communities. We cannot have them believe that they can be out there instilling fear in the lives of ordinary people that people don’t even feel comfortable walking the streets. As a society, as a community we need to come together and I would want to ask everybody to support what we are doing because it is for the betterment of our country and our community.”