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DCP. Williams speaks about charges incurred to those involved with the drug plane

The former Officer Commanding Orange Walk Police, Superintendent David Chi and Police Constable Norman Anthony are behind bars at the Belize Central Prison. On September 9th, law enforcement authorities made a major drug bust in the Tres Leguas area of the Orange Walk District. Superintendent David Chi and Police Constable Norman Anthony were placed on suspension pending the outcome of an investigation into their possible involvement in the landing of a plane containing drugs. The police moved swiftly to place charges against the two. Deputy Commissioner of Police Chester Williams shared the details.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Chester Williams: “We can confirm yes that Mr.Chi and PC Anthony have both been arrested and charged in respect to the landing of the plane in the northern communities of Orange Walk district. Also charged with them are two Mexicans, one is Ali Figueroa Nunez and the other is Azarias Manzano, and a Belizean Peter Friesen a total of five persons have been charged. Mr.Chi and PC Anthony have both been charged with conspiracy to land a plane on an unauthorized aerodrome, they are charged jointly with Mr.Friessen for that and they are charged jointly with Mr.Friesen and the two Mexicans for abetment to import cocaine into Belize and in addition the two Mexicans are charged with drug trafficking of 556.2 kilos of cocaine.”

The five accused along with their attorneys appeared before Senior Magistrate Aretha Ford where they were arraigned. Peter Friesen and David Chi were represented by Richard Bradley, Hazarias Manzano and Ali Figueroa Nunez were represented by Leslie Hamilton while Norman Anthony was represented by Leeroy Banner. Senior Magistrate Ford read the charges to them after which no plea was taken from them. They were remanded to prison until November 1st.