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At deadline, only Darrell Bradley’s Name was submitted for UDP Caribbean Shores

Caribbean Shores is one of the hot properties that will help to provide delegates to support either Patrick Faber or John Saldivar in the next leadership convention. So whomever wins, whether it’s Senate President Lee Mark Chang, former Area Representative Santi Castillo who relinquished the area to former Mayor Darrell Bradley or businesswoman Leila Peyrefitte.  The UDP Chairman Alberto August told us today, that after the initial deadline was set by the party, the only name that the party has on record for the UDP Caribbean Shores standard bearer is the current caretaker Darrell Bradley.

Alberto August – Chairman UDP: “In Caribbean Shores currently we have one caretaker, and that is the former Mayor of Belize City Darrell Bradley because as you know we had issued a call for candidates from all thirty-one constituencies and Darrell Bradley was the only person who presented an application to be the candidate at Caribbean Shores at the deadline. There was no official endorsement of Darrell Bradley so basically he is currently the caretaker for the Democratic Party in the Caribbean Shores constituency.”

Jose Sanchez – Reporter: “There was a facebook post from Santi Castillo saying that he heard that he was stepping down so he was willing to throw himself as a candidate for the next convention, is that correct?”

Alberto August – Chairman UDP: Yes, I am aware of Santino Castillo’s facebook post. I suspect that yes he might have an application in at the secretariat for the Caribbean Shores constituency.”

Jose Sanchez – Reporter:And would he have made the deadline or would that have been past the deadline?”

Alberto August – Chairman UDP:That is after the deadline when there were indications that Darrell Bradley might have been ineffective, he expressed an interest to take on the constituency.”

Jose Sanchez – Reporter:The President of Senate Lee Mark Chang who also had a try at politics once before has also expressed his interest. I heard talk that he may have been behind the scenes moving and shaking, trying to get some people behind him as well. Is he also expressing interest post-deadline? “

Alberto August – Chairman UDP: I haven’t seen any application from Lee Mark Chang for the position but of course, if Darrell Bradley decides to step aside then the constituency will be open for the invitation of applications to fill the vacancy that is created but as I said Darrell Bradley is currently serving as the caretaker for the constituency.

Jose Sanchez- Reporter: “We also heard a third name, possibly Leilah Peyrefitte who was a City Councillor some years ago I believe under Zenaida Moya. Did she express interest or have you heard of this as well?”

Alberto August – Chairman UDP:I have also heard an interest on the part of Ms. Peyrefitte and like I said the party’s meeting of course. We are having two meetings this week: one this evening and the other is on Saturday. That is when the leadership of the party is going to make a decision as to the way forward in the Caribbean Shores.”

Jose Sanchez- Reporter: “Regarding the caretaker has he expressed his interests? He has been dormant in Caribbean Shores. As a resident I myself I am not aware of his presence as caretaker so is it safe to assume then that a decision will be made whether he will be stepping down or a change will be made to allow these people who have expressed interest to move into some sort of election.”

Alberto August – Chairman UDP: Well, I met with him a few months before the Referendum and we had agreed that we were going to speak after the Referendum. I tried to contact him since Thursday but I haven’t been able to get in touch with him but like I said the party’s leadership is meeting. The Central Executive is meeting today and the National Party Council is meeting on the weekend and then the party is going to decide on a way forward. We are a democratic party and we operate by way of consensus so the leadership is going to be meeting and we were going to make a decision in that regard.”