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Deaf Chorus Debuts at Arts Festival 2016

The annual Street Arts Festival is set for this coming weekend in downtown Belize City.  While there will be arts in various forms on display, we spoke with Joseph Stamp Romero who highlighted the theatrical presentation that will take place on Saturday evening near the intersection with Dean Street.  According to Romero, it is a staged performance based on the reality of many youth in Belize and is called Deaf Chorus.


As we told you, the script was done with the realities of many youth in Belize City who are faced with hard decisions as they try to come out of the tainted south side areas.  Romero spoke of some of those issues that the real young boys are facing.


While the play will debut on the street during this weekend’s Street Arts Festival, Romero says they will fine tune the script and performances a little more before it is featured at the Bliss Centre.  The play starts at six o’clock on Saturday evening near the Dean and Albert Streets’ intersection.