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Dean Samuels re-elected as Belize City Deputy Mayor

Yesterday at a city council caucus meeting, councilor Dean Samuels was unanimously voted as the Deputy Mayor for a one year period. He is now serving his second consecutive term as deputy mayor of Belize City. Mayor Darrell Bradley told us that Councilor Samuels is the right guy for the job.

Mayor Darrell Bradley

“No politician is perfect but if I were to grade him from one to ten I’d give him a nine. I think that Dean Samuels has always been accessible. Last night in the public meeting he gave a report in relation to the concreting efforts that have been done and then also what we call the remedial efforts that have been done in terms of bringing streets to what we call pre pave status and he read out a list of 79 streets that the City Council was able to do by this pre pave status so that he has been very active, he has led several developments including the procurement of equipment for the city council, ensuring that we are able to do more in terms of drainage, the work crews and so forth and I think that one of the things that I really laude him for is his responsiveness. If you call him he is always somebody who can get the job done within a relatively short period of time and given the fact that the City Council does not have a tremendous amount of resources what we have done on the works in the three years since I’ve been mayor with the municipal bond and the physical assets that have been upgraded Dean Samuels is a significant part of that because he leads the operations on the grounds mind you he is a councilor and he has technical staff but he is the one who is really ultimately responsible and when you see a lot of these concrete roads, the whole layout, we haven’t done every street but there is a significant improvement in the driving quality. I count him as a significant partner in those efforts.”

Councilor Samuels was not challenged in his nomination. He holds the portfolio for works.