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Deanna Peyrefitte is YWCA’s New General Secretary

Deanna Gomez Peyrefitte is the new General Secretary of the YWCA. Peyrefitte replaces Sonia Linares who is retiring after twenty-six years of service to the organization. Peyrefitte has a Master’s of Business Administration Degree and is a senior executive with over twenty-five years experience in Management, Administration, Leadership, and Communication.  She has experience in the NGO sector as well as proposal writing and project management.   Peyrefitte spoke to Love News.

Deanna Gomez Peyrefitte

“I want to continue the developmental work it does for women, in terms of ongoing any specific direction I can’t say yet I am still, this is my fourth day on the job. I know that in the making brand be known; I keep saying that the YWCA is a brand that is loved and known, I want people to understand all that we do and I’m hoping that it becomes even more of an institution that people think of when they think of places they can work with and volunteer with it and a good place to be a part of and so that is the direction I’m going but definitely more visibility, more marketing of what we do. For example, there is a Johnny Cake mix that is made here that I never knew about. I make Johnny Cake but if I can just put water in a mix and I’m sure there are lots of women and men who would welcome that. So there are services and products like that that are done here that lots of us don’t know about so that is what I’m saying when you actually get in the house and you realize what goes on here; we have a preschool that serves our community and its wonderful work that goes on. There is a help program where lots of young women who come in for another opportunity to learn a skill so they learn cosmetology, they learn how to do catering and then there is an ESL program it’s just amazing what goes on; there is a snack shop that I didn’t even know was there before coming here so that is definitely going to be one of the key things that I want to do. Use the good name and brand of the YWCA to make it more sustainable and profitable by selling the services that it offers at the same time not forgetting that we are here as a developmental agency.”

Peyrefitte’s appointment took effect on November 6.