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Death at a Funeral in Belize City

Today Elroy Perdomo attended a funeral at the St. Martins De Porres church located on Vernon Street in Belize City.  Little did he know that today would be his last day alive as he was shot multiple times. The incident occurred after the funeral as the procession carried on to the cemetery. Love News spoke to Assistant Superintendent Alejandro Cowo who told us their preliminary findings.


“Sometime after 3:25 this evening a male person who was identified as Elroy Perdomo stopped at a nearby Chinese store right here on Vernon Street to purchase some items. Shortly after that he rode off toward the direction of Western Avenue when a vehicle approached him and fired several shots at him. Unfortunately he died when he reached to the KHMH.”

Perdomo was a suspect in the murder of Marlon Bonner who was killed less than a week ago. Police are looking for a white car that they believe was the getaway car.

ALEJANDRO COWO: “Yes we understand that he was part of the persons of the procession he had just stopped to purchase some items at the store and he stayed behind. He was a person of interest in that case.”

Reporter: Do you believe that it has anything to do with that ?

ALEJANDRO COWO: “Well at this moment I cannot tell you we are in just the initial stages of the investigation but as soon as we get an update we will pass that along. We have several incidents that we have dealt with him and I think he was before the court for some firearm offense lately.”

Reporter: Is there a specific kind of vehicle that you are looking for?

ALEJANDRO COWO: “All we know that it is a white in color car.”

Assistant Commissioner of Police Chester Williams held a press briefing this evening and spoke on how they were trying to prevent such incident from occurring earlier today.

CHESTER WILLIAMS: “From our investigation that we have obtained he was behind a funeral when a vehicle came by and from the vehicle he was shot and he received 16 gunshot wounds so he was practically riddled with bullets. We did what we could have done to try and keep him in custody, we made checks at the court to see if there were any outstanding warrants for him, we checked if he owed the court any outstanding fines or fees and he was cleared and we had to release him from custody. The street justice was swift. These are the things that we always try not to hope for I wish we could have gotten a statement against him and sent him to prison, he would still be alive today but that did not occur and this is the result of it.”

Police has yet to determine a motive.