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Deaths During Flu Season Urges Investigation at KHMH

A post on social media stirred up some talking today about a number of deaths that had occurred at the Karl Huesner Memorial Hospital. The post referred to those deaths as an undiagnosed illness. Tonight Love News can confirm that the deaths at the KHMH are six deaths being investigated between the span of last year October to now. A press release by the KHMH states “During the recent flu season, a number of patients presented to or was transferred to the KHMHA with a severe, atypical, pneumonia. The surveillance activities at the KHMHA, have led to a coordinated response with the Ministry of Health which also includes a full epidemiological investigation.” End of Quote. Love News spoke to Chief Executive Officer Dr. Ramon Figueroa who explained the reasons for the surveillance activities as well as the issue that was making a buzz.


Some of the cases that were sent to the KHMH were patients from all over the country and Dr. Figueroa says that the investigation is necessary since KHMH is the National Referral Hospital in Belize. He added that the investigation is to detect if there are any major concerns to the nation.


Dr. Figueroa says that they have launched a separate investigation after reviewing KHMH’s report. This investigation includes visiting the homes of infected persons.


Dr. Figueroa gave some tips to help prevent the public from catching the flu or any flu like symptoms.

The Ministry of Health says that they are awaiting the reports form the surveillance which is to be submitted by next week.