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Debris in the Drains of Northern Orange Walk are Cleared

In the north of Orange Walk, Area Representative Ramon Monchi Cervantes had heavy-duty equipment unblocking drains in Trial Farm Village. Since the downpour yesterday, Cervantes deployed a team to the streets where, with the help of a backhoe, they are cleaning drains of debris. Cervantes says that the best time to assess which areas of the drainage system need cleaning is when it is raining. He adds that hopefully, this will alleviate the flooding in the days to come.

Ramon “Monchi” Cervantes, Area Representative, Orange Walk North: “The area is big, you know it’s. You cannot do Trial Farm in one period, in one week or even in one month. You cannot do all the drains completely. This is a very big, very large village and two, our citizens need to have more civic pride and don’t throw their garbage in the drain. They should not throw their garbage in the drain and also they should see that they keep their part in front of their houses clean. You know I’m making that appeal to everyone. That would help a lot. The importance of drains is not really to hold the water. It’s to keep the water flowing and as you see, as I mentioned earlier, yesterday the water rose, you know,  covered certain streets. This street was covered with water. These yards were covered with water and by this morning it had subsided, the water levels, because of the cleaning we have been doing quite constantly. There are plans for paving the roads. Not one street in Trial Farm was ever paved, has ever been paved. Yes I intend to pave, to start paving. Of course, I have to get the budget for it but yes that is in the plans and I really, I think it is high time.