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The decomposed body of 19-year-old Adamir Choc found

The Garden City of Belmopan ran red this past weekend as the body of 19-year-old Adamir Choc was found just outside Belmopan, and two teenage boys were gunned down a stone’s throw away from their home. Love News reporter, Courtney Menzies, travelled west to find out more about the deaths of these young teens. We begin with the story of a young Adamir Choc whose life was callously snuffed out.
Courtney Menzies, Love FM News: The body of 19 year old Adamir Choc was found Saturday afternoon, a week after she had gone missing. Surveillance footage shows her having an argument with a friend and then hesitantly getting into a vehicle right here outside E&L’s Sports Bar in the Las Flores area of Belmopan – this was the last time the young girl was seen alive
Elivra Choc, Mother of Deceased: “That is my first child and when I saw for the first time my baby at the hospital when she was born I was so happy because she was such a healthy little girl, she weighed eight pounds and a half.”
Courtney Menzies, Love FM News: How did Adamir end up just off the Never Delay Road just a few miles outside of Belmopan? We begin her story at around 5pm on Friday evening when she told her mother, Elvira Choc, she would be visiting a friend to drop off some makeup. When Adamir did not return home that night Choc believes she was staying over at the friend’s house. The next day when she could not get a hold of her daughter panic set in. 
Elvira Cho, Mother of Deceased: “Only one message I sent her. I told her morning Mia at around eight o’clock because that is the time that mostly she would be making so I told her ‘morning mia’ and I saw no answer so around 9 I started to call often until around a couple minutes to six o’clock I started to feel strange because I said the phone was ringing ringing ringing and no answer. I messaged the girl that she went out with and she told me, I asked her because I didn’t really know where my daughter had gone or which friend she went with so then that is when she told me that yes she went to leave the makeup but from makeup they went out that night and she said that right there my daughter got lost from her.
Courtney Menzies, Love FM News: According to the friend she was in the bathroom when she lost Adamir however surveillance footage from the bar shows an altercation between them before the friends left without Adamir. Later Choc learned that the same friend had Adamir’s phone. Choc needed some definitive answers so on Monday she went to file a missing persons report with the police. After little to no help from the police Choc gathered other family members and volunteers to create a search party. Our Cayo correspondent Fem Cruz followed along and updated us during the week starting from September 10th.
Voice of Phil Choc, Father of Deceased: “Today we conducted a search in the Banana bank area behind Intelco, behind Lands Department and the Belmopan garbage dump, so far it has been fruitless.”
Voice of Tyrone Nunez, Department of Youth Services: “It’s been six days since the body has been missing and we are out here by the George Price Highway looking for the body near Caribbean Investors Limited. We’re dispatching teams around areas that we might think the body might have been hidden and so far we haven’t found anything as yet.”
Elvira Choc, Mother of Deceased: “We still haven’t been able to identify the person that took my daughter but it can show us that someone took her.”
Fem Cruz, Cayo Correspondent, Love FM News: From where ? 
Elvira Choc, Mother of Deceased: From the chair of  Stars. If this person is hearing please I’m begging you to tell me where you went to leave my daughter I’m begging you she is a human being please return her for me.”
Courtney Menzies, Love FM News: It wasn’t until around this past Saturday that a man stumbled upon Adamir’s decomposing body some 500 yards down the Never Delay Road.
Voice of Man who discovered body: “At around one o’clock when I was passing by and going with my brother fishing and that when we smelled something that smelled different in the bush and then he told me to stop by and see what it was and that is when we found a dead body in the bush.”
Courtney Menzies, Love FM News: Believing that the body was Adamir’s the man informed the family and they confirmed it was her. Now that Choc has received a bit of closure all she can ask for is justice for her daughter.
Elvira Choc, Mother of Deceased: “I’m not happy. I’m very sad because there is nothing that can comfort me of her missing because going into her room and seeing her room, passing through the door of her room is very hard for me to go because she is my baby.”
Courtney Menzies, Love FM News: Despite how difficult it is Choc says she needs to stay strong for her other three children. She hopes that the police will be able to find her daughter’s killer.