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Decrease in unemployment rate

According to the Statistics Institute of Belize, the Labor Force is made up of one hundred and fifty three thousand, six hundred and eight nine persons. Out of that, one hundred and thirty eight thousand one hundred and fifty five persons are employed and fifteen thousand five hundred and forty four are not employed. Statistics shows that the number of employed persons increased by about three thousand five hundred in April 2015 compared to April 2015.  Director General of the Statistic Institute of Belize, Doctor Leopold Perriott shared more details.

Dr. Leopold Perriott – Director General, SIB

There is some interesting detail that isn’t obvious from the previous slides. When you consider educational level you’ll notice that for the level of education being none there is the distinct difference between the participation between males and females there is a big difference but as your education level gets higher there is the primary education the women are basically closing the gap, secondary it’s 83.7 for men and 63.9 for women and for the tertiary level the gap is basically closed. Women of high educational level participate almost fully as men in the labor force. Now this group of persons not in the labor force is a very important group of persons and there are various reasons why people are not in the labor force some of them just don’t want to work, some of them are disabled, some of them and in this case mostly female are personal  and family responsibilities. In school training basically it’s almost evenly distributed between males and females, people not in the labor force and of course there is the retired people and the other. Basically the females are predominant, greatly so in persons who have family responsibilities and so we have a total of 88,326 not in the labor force twice as many females as males.”

The Orange Walk and Cayo districts saw the largest gains in employment, with the number of employed persons increasing by 1,500 in the former and 1,100 in the latter. Corozal and Toledo were the only districts that recorded decreases in employment, with each losing around 200 jobs when compared to last April. The highest rate of unemployment was recorded for the Stann Creek district at 14.6 percent, followed closely by Cayo with a rate of 13.4 percent. These were also the only two districts that saw an increase in the rate of joblessness during April 2015. The total unemployed population totalled about 15,500 persons, of which two thirds had been without jobs for six months or longer.