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Defence forces stepping up its game with new assets

Prime Minister spoke of what is being done to improve the morale of the armed forces.

Prime Minister Dean Barrow

“The assets of the BDF continue to increase so that, among other things, there are now 3 helicopters and two fixed wing aircraft. Construction finished this year on a new OP- operation post-  at Caballo to assist in soldier and FCD patrols to guard our territorial integrity. And work on another one in Cebada starts shortly; we are completing the road which should be finished momentarily and then we begin construction of the Cebada outpost. Very import, our army has also partnered with the Ministry of Human Development to charter a new Belize Youth Challenge Academy. I think this is a fantastic development. This will be a school for youth at risk, in particular young men between the ages of 15 and 18. And the Institution will provide a two year program that will offer discipline, skills training, trade instruction and good citizenship classes. The new BYCA efforts at weaning young people off undesirable lifestyles, will help the Police in their own struggles to combat crime and violence and the gang culture responsible for so many murders in our country. And insofar as the work of the Police is concerned, greater professionalism is being sought for the Department by their Ministry, which is also undertaking an exercise to improve morale and conditions of service.”