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Defence Minister Engages with Belize Coast Guard

Minister of National Security John Saldivar is on a nationwide tour of the coast guard facilities. Minister Saldivar’s tour began with a visit to Hunting Caye. Coast Guard Commander, Admiral John Borland, spoke about the Minister’s tour.


“Well presently we are engaged in the tour of the southern sector of the Belize Coast Guard where the Minister of Defense Honorable John Saldivar and his CEO and his ministry Staff are conducting a tour starting the in the south they will continue with this tour visiting the Northern and Central Sectors but for now we are in the Southern Sector. This morning we left Big Creek and we went all the way out to Ranguana and hand railed the reef until we arrived at this location. His purpose here is to look at the conditions under which the men are living and conducting operations as you know he is particularly interested in the completion of the Forward Operating Base we see currently under construction over my shoulders behind me. You will also see the building that we are currently located in it has been there since the inception of the coast guard, it’s been renovated but obviously its not built to the standards that the remainder of the coast guard facilities are. So that is on its last leg and will be demolished once the new facility is completed. The new facility is being built to accommodate 16 officers and sailors included and there is also a pier facility out there as you saw where we docked the boats, where two boats can be docked at any one time and also a refueling facility. So when it’s all completed this will be a self-sustained operation where the troops can lie out here and change over approximately every month.”