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Defiant Delroy a UDP No More

The United Democratic Party (UDP) announced today that the defiant Delroy Cuthkelvin has been expelled from the party. The party explained that following a hearing of the UDP’s Ethics and Integrity Committee, it was decided that Cuthkelvin is expelled for one year for violating the Party Constitution with (quote) “his sustained public bombardment of attacks on the Party”. End of quote. The UDP reinforces its position by stating that Cuthkelvin has (quote) “crossed the line of healthy freedom of expression and dissent to becoming an agent of destruction that serves the agenda of the People’s United Party.” (end of quote) Cuthkelvin hit back today saying (quote) “All we have been trying to do is help our Party to find its way after the devastating defeat of 2020. But instead, we get punished and excommunicated for the Truth, while others, whose unscrupulous actions were the greatest cause of that devastating defeat, are being rewarded and elevated in the Party simply for aiding the fulfilment of the personal ambitions of an ex-convict who has no knowledge or appreciation of all we have been through for the UDP, and for Belize. This is indeed a sad day for the UDP, a sad day for Democracy, and a sad day for Belize.” (end of quote) Cuthkelvin’s reinstatement may be considered by the Committee after one year. That is, if the Committee is satisfied that Cuthkelvin has issued a public apology and pledges to abide by the conditions of the membership in the Party.