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Delayed Justice for 11-Year-Old, Aaron Gabourel

Seven months ago, 11-year-old, Aaron Gabourel died in a house fire on Aloe Vera Street which authorities ruled as arson.  The child’s mother, Caroline Hamilton says she is yet to get any justice for her son’s death and the police have not given her any progress update on the investigation.


“One thing I’m searching for is justice and I can’t get it. The 19th of May if my son was living he would have been 12 years old. All I have now is to go to a cemetery and wish him happy birthday and I can’t hug him or hold him. To tell you the truth I haven’t gotten any information, nothing from the police from when they said they would be taking clothes to Miami no one has come back, no one has come to tell me anything. All I have is this pain. Then my daughter lives behind where I used to live and the people from the other side disturb her, threaten her all kind of things and I don’t know where to turn or what to do. I am tired. As a mother I am trying and there is nothing the officers have done about this murder they have not said anything. My son’s life went just like nothing.”

When we interviewed Assistant Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams on October 26, 2016 he had indicated that some items were sent to a lab for testing for flammable chemicals or fire accelerant.  Today, ACP Williams indicated that the results have not been submitted and there has been no progress in this investigation.  Aaron Gabourel, a student of Stella Maris School was asleep in his bed on October 5, 2016 just before nine o’clock that night when he perished in the house fire.