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Demonstration against high cost of living sees poor turnout

Belize Leaders for Social Justice held a demonstration against the continued increase in the cost of living. Member Moses Sulph announced the event last week but, on Saturday morning, the group did not receive the support it had hoped for. The turnout was very poor. Besides the police officers who oversaw the demonstration, about ten protesters or less showed up. But, while the event was not well attended, the group proceeded as planned. Today Moses Sulph did not seem fazed and told us that he is aware of possible reasons Belizeans do not join his protests.

Moses Sulph, Belize Leaders for Social Justice: “Belizeans who are courageous enough to take action were there. I’ll be honest and I have to look at all the factors involved and people are afraid of being victimized. People are also telling me that the last time you had a gas price protest the taxi man Mr. Cattouse was killed, whether or not that was the because of that people have this perception that if I show my face I’m going to lose my job, or if show my face I am not going to get the little assistance I am getting from the government. I am cognizant of the fact of the culture of Belize and all of that, however I am hopeful and I still believe that eventually Belizeans are going to get enough of the economic slavery that they are going through.”

Hipolito Novelo: Some say they are hesitant to what they describe as your illegitimate leadership; they don’t want to protest under you.

Moses Sulph, Belize Leaders for Social Justice:  “I have never heard any one told me that in fact there is no other person in this country, not to beat my own chest but, who have been more consistent in fighting against corruption in not being able to be bribed, in not being able to be a part of the corruption, in not selling out and also if you look at many of the post I post about social issue. With this post we got over a thousand likes on Facebook, a lot of people now resort to Facebook to show their dislike or their protest for anything and that is the reality of where we are and so those who are criticizing I say to them then take charge this is your country.”


During the event, the group also presented a document it plans to prepare and present to government on recommendations that are aimed to reduce the financial strain on low income families.