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Denmark Casimiro Murdered. Why?

Denmark Casimiro is the latest addition to 2019’s murder statistic. Casimiro had recently moved into a quiet area of Sandhill Village when he was gunned down over the weekend. Love News spoke to family and friends in Biscayne Village and Sandhill about Casimiro’s passing.

Jose Sanchez: ”About 5:30 Sunday morning in Sandhill the peace was interrupted by gunfire. Residents say that Denmark Casimero put his bag down by the step of this dilapidated building. He briefly visited the neighbor and returned home. The neighbor says he was having an argument with someone that he knew prior to his death inside his bedroom.”

Area Resident San Hill: “There was an argument between him and the person and I heard the argument. The person told him to give me my stuff, I want my stuff and then after that I heard two gunshots and then the scream and I think that is it right there.

Jose Sanchez: “How long did he live here and how long did you know him?

Area Resident Sandhill: “I know him good from I was about eleven going to St. Mary’s. I know him from then. I used to go to his house to eat and stuff like that. He lived at this house maybe like three months the most but since he had moved to Sandhill he has been here from last year. He was renting different houses in San Hill.”

Reporter: “He lived alone here?”

Area Resident San Hill: “Yes”

Jose Sanchez: Did you know him to have any enemies? Did he hang around with a certain type of people?”

Area Resident San Hill: “He is a person that when you see him he is always by himself. I know that he went to jail about two years ago and from that I haven’t seen him you know. I don’t see him as anybody bad.”

Jose Sanchez:  “Other than drug charges Casimero did not appear to have contact with the authorities. Keith Samuels lives in Biscayne, his young brother says that he tried to assist him however he could.”

Keith Samuels Brother: “ Denmark Casimero is our oldest brother and we didn’t really grow up with him because he was raised in Belize and so he was into that street life. When we came to Biscayne and he didn’t want to come so he stayed in Belize. We didn’t really have how would you say a grow up along with him because he was in Belize and we were here. After he came out jail about a two years ago we were close because I was the one that called for everything.”

Jose Sanchez: “His mother Celus Flowers says that he was his first born and that he lived on the streets that knew him best.”

Celus Flowers: “People out there know him better than I do because he is out there with them. They know who he is and what he is for. People know him more than I do because he is with them more than he is with me. They will have the opportunity to say that at his funeral because I can’t give a eulogy of him and they can. Drug related charges mostly, that is all he want to jail for, not for stealing, not for killing or anything gang related to that that I know of. His life is his life, he is a grown man. I can’t choose for him, I can’t tell him what to do and what not to do. He can only take advice if he wants to but he is mine.”

Keith Samuels Brother: “My brother I loved him and it is sad the way he went. I don’t think anyone would want their loved one to go that way.”

Jose Sanchez: “Do you think that you will be able to get justice being that there was no one around?”

Keith Samuels Brother: “Well we heard last night that the Police are looking for someone and has a suspect in mind and that they are looking for him so we are hoping that they will find more evidence and they will have more… If people can come forward and say what they saw because we just want justice.”

Jose Sanchez for Love News.

Cassimiro leaves behind a six year old daughter.