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Denying dreadlocked boy a chance to go to school is against education rules, says Minister Fonseca

We here at Love news have following the story of Kevin Pollard’s young son. He’s the little boy, who dons dreadlocks because of his family’s religious beliefs. The child was turned away from one school because of his hair. Various people have criticized the decision not to let the child attend school as discriminatory and a violation of his fundamental right to an education. When asked about it, Minister Fonseca says the situation violates the Education Rules. 

Hon. Francis Fonseca, Minister of Education: “Both in terms of the law and education policy there is absolutely no room for discrimination against any child because of their hair, their natural hair or anything of that sort so that would be unlawful, it would unconstitutional but I can say that based on our preliminary investigation into the matter it was an issue of spacing certainly in terms of on school I’m not sure about the other school as yet I think the father said he went to more than one school but certainly in terms of the first school it was an issue of spacing. But absolutely the education act and the constitution of Belize provide protection. Section 48 of the Education Act speaks to that very issue of schooling and making sure that no child is denied access to school for any such reason.”

In the case of Ladyville Evangelical School, the school’s administration said that Pollard tried to enroll the child after the deadline for admissions had passed.