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Denzel Flowers Killed on Central American Boulevard

Belize City resident, Denzel Flowers was the second person to die from gun violence. According to the officer in charge of the Criminal Investigation Branch for Belize City, Alejandro Cowo, Flowers was killed  in front of T and R Shop on Central American Boulevard on Saturday night.

ASP Alejandro Cowo – Head CIB Belize City: “What Police understand is that Denzel Flowers was standing in front of a business located in the Central American Boulevard by the Port Authority area when he was approached by someone who fired shots at his direction causing several injuries to his body and causing his death almost instantly. We know that he is a relative to the deceased Karl Lamb. Up to now, there is no indication to show us that the shooting had anything to do with Karl Lamb’s shooting likewise. We are looking at two different information that we are receiving at this moment, we do not believe it is a gang rivalry. This person that was shot, we know that he had a dispute about a year ago with some family member and that he had recently been released from prison. From there we know that he has been receiving threats but it has nothing to to do with any gang rivalry. Police documentation is showing that about five minutes before the incident he was searched somewhere in Louise Bevans, that is when he as heading towards Central American Boulevard where he was met by his attacker so you can say that police was circling the area but unfortunately they had just seen the police leaving that area then afterward the shooting happened.”