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Deon Bruce’s case management

This morning the Court of Appeal was in session; however, there wasn’t any case being heard. Instead, the court was conducting case management for cases to be heard in the next court session. One of those cases is in regards to Deon Bruce who is wanted in the USA for murder and attempted murder. In July 2010, the incident occurred in Chicago where it is alleged that Bruce shot and killed Aaron Carter and wounded his friend, Bryan Rodgers. As we reported, Deon Bruce has been on remand for over five years on a US extradition request.  In December 2017, Bruce’s attorney Anthony Sylvestre made an application in the Supreme Court for a writ of Habeas Corpus, but the application was denied. However, last September, his attorney Anthony Sylvestre was successful in receiving permission from the Supreme Court to have the application for Habeas Corpus be appealed to the Court of Appeal. The basis of the Habeas Corpus application is to determine whether Bruce is being imprisoned legally or illegally.  As you will recall, Gary and Mark Seawell were also imprisoned on a US extradition request. In that matter, the court found that the warrants on which they were being held were flawed and as a result the court came to a conclusion that they were unlawfully incarcerated. It remains to be seen whether the court will draw similar conclusions concerning Deon Bruce since Bruce’s attorney said that after examining the warrant found that it had similar flaws like the warrants on which the Gary and Mark Seawell were detained.