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Deon Robinson winner of a new truck

Deon Robinson is the winner of the Rotary Raffle of a brand new four by four Ford Ranger Truck. Normally, the Rotary raffles a truck at the end of the year and uses the funds to support their projects throughout the year. Robinson said that he regularly supports Rotary’s truck raffle which is a hundred dollar a ticket and he was delighted to learn he won.

 Deon Robinson – Winner

“Feels very good; I always wanted a new vehicle and I hoped to one day buy one for myself but now I don’t have to buy one.”


How long ago did you enter the raffle?

Deon Robinson – Winner

“About a month and a half ago; I normally just do it as a donation not thinking that I would have won but so happens that I won this time.”

Love News also spoke with Yvette Burks from Rotary who shared how the funds will be disbursed.

Yvette Burks – Rotarian

Our rotary club has a whole lot of projects going on. We generally give about sixty percent of our profits to the gift of life because it is such a huge and expensive project to take care of these children’s medical needs and then the other forty percent will usually be split up for other projects and as you heard earlier we do so many other things. We build houses, we distribute wheelchairs, we sponsor scholarships, we do feeding programs at schools we do things for the elderly so you know its whole lot that we have to do with this money every single year. You know this would not be possible without our sponsors and in  addition to BEC that gave us this grand prize at a reasonable rate to make this possible we have RFG insurance sponsoring an entire year comprehensive insurance, Mobile giving fluids for at least three of four oil change and Brodies giving wonderful consolation prizes; $250 gift certificate to four consolation winners.”

There were four consolation prizes worth two hundred and fifty dollars each.