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Department of Transport Receives Donation of Speed Guns and Breathalyzers

The Department of Transport has received sixteen speed guns and 26 breathalyzers with five thousand mouthpieces geared at supporting their enforcement capacity. Minister of Transport, Rodwell Ferguson welcomed the donation on Monday.

Rodwell Ferguson, Minister of Transport

Rodwell Ferguson, Minister of Transport: “Undoubtedly these devices have proven to be an effective tool in prosecuting drunk drivers in Belize, thus improving safety on roadways. Over the years the Department of Transport have had several convictions in court which use these devices and plans to continue its effort of tackling the issue. In August of this year for the first time in the Department of Transport’s history a team of officers will be travelling abroad to Denver Colorado USA to receive instructor training for these devices.”

CEO in the Ministry of Economic Development Doctor Osmond Martinez officially handed over the equipment and explained how they play into the Government’s safety agenda.

Doctor Osmond Martinez, CEO, Ministry of Economic Development

Doctor Osmond Martinez, CEO, Ministry of Economic Development: “We encourage everyone to appreciate that life is priceless and irreplaceable. Pastor Hamilton will definitely emphasize this. Life is a gift. Saving lives continues to be our direction and the direction of the PMU at Road Safety. And road safety contributes to this approach. Road safety improvement is the high priority as it impacts Belize’s economy and everyone in this jewel of ours. Of greatest concern is the high rate of young persons that are killed and injured in road crashes. We continue to see this every day. Road crashes negatively impact the lives of the victims and their families contributing to loss of income and the livelihood of citizens. All of us can work together to reduce these and economic losses.”

Chief Transport Officer Dian Vasquez-Garbutt, who received the items on behalf of the department, added that it will build the country’s road safety management capacity, improve the safety of road infrastructure, and improve post-crash care.

Dian Vasquez-Garbutt, Chief Transport Officer

Dian Vasquez-Garbutt, Chief Transport Officer: “These efforts are captured through partnerships such as this one with the Caribbean Development Bank via the Road Safety Project which builds on institutional capacity in conjunction with the provision of resources to carry out the task necessary to save lives from road traffic collisions. Resources like the 16 radar speed guns and 26 breathalyzers that the Department of Transport is receiving today thus as we conclude today’s handing over ceremony on behalf of the Department of Transport I would like to express our heartfelt thank you to the Road Safety project and by extension the Caribbean Development Bank for this generous donation. These equipment will greatly benefit the enforcement unit who is tasked with the responsibility to uphold and enforce the department’s mandate of road safety for all road users.
The initiative was funded by the Caribbean Development Bank.///