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Department of Transport Revises Bus Schedules for Ladyville Bus Operaters

On Monday, the Department of Transport met with representatives of Haylock, Ramos, Serrano and Thomas bus companies. These are the four major bus operators servicing Ladyville, Los Lagos, and Lords Bank areas. They were given revised bus schedules outlined by the department. CEO Marconi Leal Junior says the schedules are based on research that was undertaken over a two-week period. Leal told Love News that the changes will reduce conflict between operators and facilitate a safer traveling experience for all bus commuters in the areas mentioned.

Marconi Leal, CEO, Ministry of Public Utilities and Logistics: “Based on what the study was showing and the amount of routes that we need and the amount of buses that we need on the road those schedules will be adjusted and the hope is that at the end of the day it’s to ensure that the bus operators can work better and that commuters are satisfied with the service that they receive. What it entails is basically some of the schedules taking into consideration COVID and even before COVID some of the bus operators had too many bus runs on the road and so we’re adjusting those based on the study we did and I could give you an idea where if a bus operator was running a bus three buses behind the other and they were all four people in a bus when it was not peak hours so we’re basically reducing the amount of buses on the road because it’s not necessary based on the study that we did.”