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Department of Youth Services continues to equip youths

Ten young people graduated today from a summer course on hospitality and food preparation. The training was provided by the Department of Youth Services over the summer break for residents of the Mayflower community in Belize City. Jamie Rocke is the Youth Coordinator.

Jamie Rocke – Youth Coordinator

“It was  a hospitality and food preparation course for persons within the Mayflower community and in the wider Belize City area who are interested in developing culinary skills and getting into the field of tourism and the service industry. We had in total ten participants, we only had one male. This training first took place in San Pedro and we saw that there was a need here in this community. The objective is continuous and sustainable training, so based on the success of this, we are going to market it again and try to offer it a second time.”

One of the Participants, Lean Davis says she is confident that the course will take her along way.

Lean Davis – Participant

“The training was very outgoing and easy to understand. We dealt with customer service, we dealt with cooking, baking, those are the three fields that we have covered done so far.  I have learnt a lot in the experience of becoming an independent person in working in a small business like a restaurant, cooking and so forth.”

Dalila Ical

Do you think with the training you received you can start planning to have your own place?

Lean Davis – Participant

“Yes in my case I like to bake and I will use the experience I gained here..”

Rocke says that the program received a favorable response from the community.