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Department of Youth Services Donates Press Washer to Belize City Youths

The Department of Youth Services handed over a pressure washer and other supplies to help two young men continue with their car washing business. Our newsroom spoke to the owners, Myrick August and Reginald Hardeman about their initiative.

Myrick August, M & R Car Wash: “Feels very good because I didn’t think we would get all these things because first I thought we would just be washing cars I didn’t know we would come out so big. I like the support. I’m very happy for the support.”

Reginald Hardiman, M & R Car Wash: “I just want to thank everyone who supported us in giving us a power washer and vacuum and these supplies.”

Minister of Youth, Sports and E-Governance Kevin Bernard attended the handing over this morning and said he hopes that other young people are inspired by Myrick’s and Reginald’s commitment.

Kevin Bernard, Minister of Youth, Sports and E Governance: “I had to be here indeed. When I saw this on the news myself and the director we immediately jumped on it I said this is the type of thing that encourages me to want to do more for our young people. The fact that these young men live in Belize City and some people like I mentioned briefly in my message that our people sometimes throw blanket statements on our young people from the city that sometimes because of the criminal activities that you see happening but this gives us hope that there is opportunities and there are young people who genuinely want to make a difference in their communities. I mean we learnt just now that they also employ a younger person which shows you that is very much touching for us and I think that it is something that we must encourage, we must support and so today this gesture is just for us to encourage these young people to do even more and to encourage other young people to do the same. I mean if they can do it many others can do it not necessarily in the same business but become engaged in positive things and it will always yield into greater things for the community and for your country.