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Deputy Commissioner speaks on gang members who tried fleeing the South Side

Many prominent gang members or questionable south side residents who are known to the police tried to flee their neighborhoods after it was made known that the south side of the City was on a thirty days lockdown. Today, however, the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams also spoke on what occurs in instances such as these.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Chester Williams: ‘Under the regulations to the declaration there is a regulation that states if any of the figures from within the emergency area should escape or flee the emergency area they can be picked up anywhere they go and they shall be treated just as if they were found within the emergency area so escaping the emergency area and going somewhere else is not going to help them.

Williams also spoke on the issues surrounding the gang affiliated extortions which are currently occurring within Belize City.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Chester Williams: ‘Well we want to encourage the business owners not to yield to these requests from the extortionist and whenever it is that they are being extorted to let the Police know and if it is that they agreed to pay the money being requested then we can have officers go to the area whenever the extortionist come for it we can nab him and those persons who are behind these extortions.”

He spoke of the whereabouts of the gang leaders during the thirty days state of emergency.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Chester Williams: “Yes we have the heads, there are two that we are looking for to catch up with them but our search for those two individuals continue but for the most part we have the heads in custody.”