Deputy Commissioner of Police Seeks Judicial Review over Dr.Rosado’s appointment as DCP

Deputy Commissioner of Police Seeks Judicial Review over Dr.Rosado’s appointment as DCP

Deputy Commissioner of Police, Bart Jones is turning to the courts for a judicial review against the Security Services Commission and its decision to appoint Dr Richard Rosado to the post of Deputy Commissioner of Police. Love News understands that Jones is looking to the court to declare the appointment invalid considering that there was no vacancy for the post of Deputy Commissioner.  Police Commissioner Chester Williams spoke on the matter, saying that Jones has the right to seek judicial review.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “Well we have to understand that we are living in a more litigious society. We have more and more lawyers in some cases some have nothing to do. People are more educated, they know their rights and based on that we are seeing litigations taking place even for things that in the past people would not even dare bother to litigate. As a citizen of this country and as a police officer Mr.Jones does have a right if he feels that his rights have been violated or he was unfairly dealt with in a certain manner and he has  right to take the matter before the courts and let the courts decide on whether or not his claim is one that has merits or if it frivolous or vexatious. I can tell you that working with both Mr.Jones and Mr.Rosado they seem to have a very good working relationship in terms of respecting each other. I don’t see any animosity between them and I expect moving forward that that is going to be the case. Whatever the outcome of the case is going to be we are not going to allow that to distract us. We have a mandate before us that we must carry out and we’re going to ensure that the mandate is carried through to the best of our ability.”

Commissioner Williams was asked by one reporter, if he there was any truth to him being against Dr Rosado’s promotion.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “How do you even conceive that foolish thought in your heads ‘ I have always opposed Dr.Rosado’s promotion.’ how do you get there ? I don’t know if you have proof of that but certainly I was the one who wrote the recommendation for Dr.Rosado’s promotion and when your news director had interviewed me in 2021 following Mr.Rosado’s promotion – no 2022 I think that was in February of 2022 I had said to him that I support Mr.Rosado’s promotion. So I don’t know how you arrive at me opposing his promotion. I have no ax to grind between the two gentlemen. I have no difficulty working with both of them as a matter of fact as the captain of the ship I am the one who has to make sure that we stay together and I always believe in choosing peace over violence and unity over division. Since I became Commissioner I’ve fought tirelessly to make sure that we are unified even though there are going to be those who for the likes of themselves continue on a daily basis to feed your news director with a bunch of nonsense and I have learned to live with that. At the end of the day if I allow myself to be distracted by those who wish to see me fail then I’m going to fail indeed. And in life we must be careful of what we wish for because the same way how you backstab and undermine the Commissioner if or when the time comes for you to be Commissioner it will happen to you too. The world is wrong. They say what ? The same knife that stabs the sheep stabs the goat ? We must learn to work together and that has been my mantra to my officers. I don’t care if you don’t like me or if I don’t like you when it comes to our professional responsibility to the people of this country we must always ensure that we are on the same page. It is the only way that we can fight the deviousness of the criminals that are out there trying to terrorize our communities.”


The decision to promote Dr Anthony Rosado was reportedly made on March 14, 2023, and that decision was to take effect on July 1, 2021.

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