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Chester Williams - Deputy Commissioner of Police

Deputy Commissioner of Police: Plane that landed in Sarteneja did not have clearance

Talking about planes and clandestine airstrips, there was a report a few days ago of a plane in Sarteneja that had managed to remain grounded for hours before police responded.  Deputy Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams says there’s more to it than that.

Chester Williams, Deputy Commissioner of Police: “Information was received of a plane that had landed in the Sarteneja area on the airstrip and contrary to what may have been said that it was a clandestine airstrip there is a legal airstrip in Sarteneja and that plane did land on the legal airstrip. However the difficulty there is that the plane that landed there is a registered plane out of the US and it is owned by a person who lives in Belize. Now normally when you have a plan that is not registered in the country and it needs to move around they need to get what is called a flight clearance, meaning that they will have to apply to the Department of Civil Aviation for a flight clearance and once that flight clearance is granted the police will be notified and other agencies will be notified and then they will be given permission to land at a certain airstrip or airport. In this case that plane did not obtain any flight clearance and so it is a matter now for civil aviation to investigate and see if they have not complied with the requirements of law under the Civil Aviation Act.”