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Deputy Director of Central Health Says No CEO, No Problem

The Ministry of Health is currently functioning without a Chief Executive Officer after Doctor Lesbia Guerra, who was tapped to replace Doctor Deysi Mendez, chose to vacay the post after less than a week. The situation has since brought much public scrutiny at a time when the Ministry is faced with a rising number of COVID-19 cases. However, Deputy Director of the Central Health Region, Dr. Melissa Diaz Musa says the absence of a CEO doesn’t affect the Ministry’s fight in combating COVID-19.

Dr.Melissa Diaz, Deputy Regional Manager, Central Health Region:Well you know this is something that quickly emerged and I saw it on social media when it was posted I wasn’t aware of it. I mean we have system in place for instance I am the deputy regional manager of the Belize district and every single day it’s been very busy just dealing with the sheer number of persons coming in not only for COVID but of course many other diseases circulating,  illnesses, we’ve got to deal with emergencies from the islands as well so things remain in place that have been in place before. We have our supervisors and heads of department in different units and we continue to work. It’s something that you know it’s very fresh, it’s new I think it’s been two days that it has been announced so it’s not something that the managers have gotten together to discuss as yet so that’s all I could say about that. Yes there is the void of the CEO not being there but I believe that at the ministry at the management level at the Ministry of Health and Wellness there are things in place to ensure that work continues.“