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Deputy Director of the Central Health Says Regional Facilities are Crippled due to COVID-19

At least thirty staff of the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital have this week tested positive for COVID-19. The COVID cluster has since prompted the hospital to ramp up its measures to ensure that the spread does not continue at the nation’s flagship health facility. However, according to Deputy Director of the Central Health Region, Dr. Melissa Diaz Musa, regional facilities across the country as well are being severely impacted by the spread of COVID-19.

Dr.Melissa Diaz, Deputy Regional  Manager, Central Health Region: “It’s not only at KHMH I mean we have regional hospitals in the police district, we have our public health clinics and I think collectively we are seeing more staff being infected and it’s a difficult situation because a big part of us stressing the public health measures is to save lives but to reduce the transmission of this virus. You know when persons are ill and need the  help from the health sector we need to be here, we need to be well and be able to work and be able to provide the service that we are here for and we cannot do that if we are infected. So I think now more than ever we need the personal responsibility to take precedence over everything else. We need people to be aware that yes you may say that omicron might have milder symptoms compared to delta but the sheer number of persons being infected poses a threat to our country and to our health system. So it is something that is very concerning. As it is in the Belize district we are shuffling staff all over as well because we also have had a significant number of our healthcare workers falling ill with omicron or with COVID-19 so it’s something that we’ve got to keep in mind, we’ve got to keep our public health measures up, we’ve got to get serious, stay focused and put back a lot of what we have been doing well over in 2021 we need to put those things back in place for 2022 and try to move forward as a country to reduce these numbers as quickly as possible.”